Dr. Jon Connelly founded the Institute for Survivors of Sexual Violence (ISSV) to provide our therapeutic approach, at no cost, to those who have suffered sexual trauma. He both treats survivors and trains other practitioners to do the same through his customized approach to psychotherapy. Dr. Connelly is driven to ensure that anyone, regardless of their ability to pay, receives effective treatment for sexual trauma, and has helped hundreds  of survivors recover.

Victims of sexual violence may experience intense feelings of shame, guilt, fear, anxiety and anger. They may have problems forming intimate relationships, or may manifest other issues such as eating disorders, depression and addiction.

We provide training to mental health professionals on the techniques used in Rapid Resolution Therapy. The goal is for these professionals to provide treatment on a pro-bono basis to those victims of sexual trauma who may not have the financial resources to afford therapy. Dr. Connelly and his trained practitioners also work directly with clients pro-bono.

To find out more about our training sessions for therapists, or to inquire about a session for yourself or a loved one, please contact us at 561-741-4181 or info@rapidresolutiontherapy.com.