“Dr. Jon Connelly has developed a wholly unique method of transformative therapy that is compassionate, powerful, and incredibly relevant across a spectrum of psychological difficulties. In over 15 years of practice, his approach has had the most profound and compelling impact on my perspective and approach in being a psychotherapist. His treatment consistently and quickly eliminates distressing symptoms, including severe and seemingly intractable ones. This approach facilitates breakthroughs in therapy that enable clients to experience tremendous relief and newfound hope for their lives. I am profoundly grateful for the positive effect that Dr. Connelly’s training has had on both my personal life and my clinical work!” Connie Valentini, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist


“Excellent. Has had a powerful effect on my practice. A life changing event. I recommend this training to any therapist regardless of orientation. Jon Connelly is a true master clinician. It was also great fun!” -Douglas Schooler, Ph.D.

“Dr. Connelly’s treatment approach goes beyond theory and beyond technique to the essence of healing itself. He has developed a powerful method of rapidly reducing pain and improving physical and emotional health. My patients have been delighted with the results.” Stuart Sinoff M.D., Neuro-Opthamologist

“Dr. Connelly offers an intelligent method that can quickly eliminate compulsive behavior and emotional problems. He is a brilliant and sensitive practitioner.”
Joel Levien, M.D., Internal Medicine & Gastroenterology

“Dr. Connelly is a wonderfully skilled and innovative practitioner. He has developed a very effective method of quickly resolving the negative influence from traumatic past events. His work has also proven extremely effective in enabling couples to resolve sexual and relationship problems.”
Robert Schenck, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

“Dr. Connelly provides the most respectful, efficient and powerful approach to change I have encountered in my thirty years of work in psychotherapy.”
Paul Martin, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

“Dr. Connelly is an expert at eliminating the negative effect that past events can have on physical and emotional health. By quickly getting to the core of psychological problems and bringing resolution, he facilitates dramatic, positive and lasting change.”
Shawn Gersman, M.D., Psychiatrist

“Dr. Connelly provided me with the fastest, most powerful clinical skills I’ve ever learned. It revolutionizes the practice of psychotherapy.”
Lisa More, LMHC Licensed Mental Health Counselor

“Dr. Connelly not only changed my approach to doing psychotherapy, he changed my approach to life. Training with him was the best gift I ever gave myself.”
Carol A. Knight, LMHC, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

“My clients and I continue to be startled by the quick results of the interventions utilizing breakthrough technologies taught to me by Dr. Connelly.”
Jerry M. Thompson, LMHC

“The impact on health care is tremendous. This unique, educational and healing training has changed my view of psychotherapy.”
Homero A. Sanchez, M.D., Psychiatrist

“I have used what I learned from Dr. Connelly for over a year and have seen my clients make seemingly impossible changes quite effortlessly and naturally. I will never do therapy in my old way again.”
Ron Deage, LPC, LCDC, LMFT

“Radically relevant. Amazing. Dr. Connelly provided me with the most consistently, thoroughly effective therapeutic tools and concepts I have encountered.”
Annette McMurrey, LPC

“Dr. Connelly’s training is powerful and revolutionary. I learned more about how to than in any course I have ever taken. The orientation is on effecting immediate change. You can’t argue with the results.”
June D. McGee Ph.D., Licensed Professional Counselor

“Dr. Connelly provided me with the most thorough, compassionate, affirming and effective system of treatment I have encountered in my 20 years in the field of mental health.”
Worley Fain, Ed.D., Psychologist

“Probably the most powerful and moving experience of my life. It opened up every part of my existence and made me at peace with myself.”
Valerie Coope, RN

“Your training is awesome, incredible, entertaining, funny, and unexpected. Every single second of the day contributed to the final outcome. It has been a privilege to spend this week in this amazing experience. Thank you for shining your wisdom.”
Claudia Rojas, DMD, MHC Dentist and Mental Health Counselor

“This training exceeded all of my expectations and will forever change my life. Not only will these changes affect my professional life but my personal life as well. I can truly say I will never view myself or the world in the same way again.”
Melissa Smith, LMHC

“Phenomenal – excellent – innovative – ground breaking To experience a true master a work is incredible and to learn from him is incomparable.”
Bobbe Veech LMHC

“WOW! The training was wonderful. I am incredibly grateful for this experience.”
Kathlyn White LMHC

“This training has profoundly changed my past perceptions of trauma resolution toward a more efficient, positive and client empowered approach. The skills are invaluable in the treatment of a variety of problems related to anxiety, depression and complicated bereavement. I recommend this training with enthusiasm to any licensed professional.”
Mary Murey Psy.D.

“Excellent. The most advanced, comprehensive, intensive hands on training I have ever experienced or heard of! Dr. Jon can change peoples lives in a positively dramatic healthful way in just a few minutes with just a few words. I am forever changed in positive healthy ways as a result of this experience.”
Ryan Moore, Ph.D., Mental health counselor

“This training was renewing and transformative. I am excited about working with clients again and dazzling them with their own rapid life changes.”
Mark Highsmith Ph.D., Psychologist

“I never before believed that major life traumas could be dealt with or resolved in such little time. This training has not only demonstrated the effect of clinical hypnosis, but the value of it across a vast spectrum of clinical issues.”
C Krinski, Psy.D. LMHC/CAP

“Training with Dr. Connelly has been a life changing experience for me. I have received so much more than I ever thought possible, both personally and professionally. Jon’s techniques and underlying beliefs produce a type of therapy that is both compassionate, humane and powerful. I am profoundly grateful for the effect this has had on me and my deepened sense and ability to effect those I work with. ”
Beth Krempleaski, LMHC

“Thank you for your investment in people – your positive and life changing actions have liberated people’s lives – you have been a blessing to my life.”
Dan Fox LCSW

“Jon presents information in a dynamic, organized manner which makes it easily understood and readily usable. ”
Linda W. Dolliver, LCSW

“Outstanding! Without a doubt, the best training regardless of subject since leaving graduate school. ”
Michael Manson, LCSW

“This training was the most intriguing and professionally fulfilling I have ever experienced.”
David C Rogers, LMHC

“Fabulous! The best. I didn’t want it to end. I can’t wait for the next one. As soon as I returned to my practice I began using the techniques and my clients have begub having significant breakthroughs Learning Dr. Connelly’s techniques has already begun to revolutionize my practice.”
Elizabeth H Radcliff, LCSW, CAP